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Are you looking for a flexible and reliable water-proof sealer for all of your painting projects? Elastomeric is the answer! This water-proof sealant has a wide range of uses from homes to retail shops and more. Visit Miracle Paint Centers today for more information from our knowledgeable staff.


  • Homes

  • Condominiums

  • Townhomes


  • Hotels, motels

  • Retail centers

  • Hardware stores and home centers

  • Automotive dealerships


Elastomeric is also a great option for industrial and manufacturing facilities. Vist us today! Our technical product knowledge will help you make your choice. Custom paint matching is also available.

Paint can


  • Breathable finish paint allows interior moisture to escape without damage to the film

  • Provides a waterproof finish that protects from moisture damage

  • Exterior painting applications

  • Mildew resistant

  • 100% acrylic latex

  • Soap & water clean-up

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Elastomeric Exceptional Paint Qualities

Elastomeric coatings are higher volume solids (45-60%) than conventional paints, and are applied in films that typically attain a dry film thickness in the range of 10-20 mils per coat (versus conventional paints with a DFT of 2-3 mils). Initially designed as a waterproofing solution for stucco, which is a relatively rough surface that tends to crack, elastomerics are also well suited for tilt-uo or  poured-in-place concrete and masonry wall surfaces (including CMUs) because they provide excellent waterproofing properties; can tolerate some substrate movement; and their stretchiness (150-400% or greater elongation without breaking throughout their service life) allows then to fill or bridge even moving hairline cracks.

Elastomeric Paints Offer Outstanding Solutions

If the exterior of your home or building is stucco or some other type of masonry, you may be experiencing problems relating to cracking.  These cracks are not just eyesores, but they can lead to some very costly repairs if not properly taken care of in a timely manner.  Water can penetrate through cracks in the stucco or masonry leading to water damage to the interior portion of the structure.  Thousands of dollars of damage is very possible if cracks in stucco or masonry are not properly repaired.

Cracks can result when stucco or masonry walls expand and contract in response to changing temperatures.  This is a very common situation in the Florida Panhandle, particularly along our beautiful coastline.  Panama City Beach and the surrounding area is an area where elastomeric paints have achieved great popularity.  Now, if water gets into cracks it can result in the crack expanding even further.

Thanks to advances in paint technology, a special type of paint has been developed to address this problem.  These paints – known as elastomeric wall coatings or EWC’s – are applied in very thick films that seal out the moisture.  They also bridge existing cracks and prevent additional cracks from developing.

Sonny and Adam have been working for years with homeowners and professional painters in providing elastomeric paint specifications and technical information on how to address cracks in masonry or stucco that need repair.  Miracle Paint Center is the area’s choice for getting the personal attention necessary to help you understand your project elastomeric application.  We value your business and look forward to working with you.